CAP/CAEL Webinar: Best Practices in Data Collection

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Best Practices in Data Collection




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Wednesday, March 2nd

1:00 to 2:00 pm CENTRAL


Colleges and universities make major decisions that have far reaching implications every day, often without the benefit of data. Being proactive in data collection positions you to be an informed contributor to the process. While the establishment of a data collection strategy may seem like a time consuming and intimidating process it truly doesn’t have to be. If you are interested in identifying key data points that can assist you in better understanding your student audience, inform marketing decisions, and prepare you for discussions with senior leadership regarding enrollment, please join CAP/CAEL guest, Dr. Brenda Harms of Harms Consulting, for this informative webinar on data collection.

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Nationally recognized as a leading expert in serving adult students within the higher education industry, Dr. Brenda Harms has assisted dozens of colleges and universities in successfully and strategically growing their enrollments through evaluation of key metrics, implementation of proven processes, design and execution of successful marketing strategy and tactics, and training for both management and staff.

Brenda received a B.S. in allied health and an M.A. in educational psychology and counseling from the University of South Dakota. She received her Ph.D. in human services with her dissertation focused specifically on adult student retention.

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