2014 National Conference

Thank you, Attendees, for Joining Us for CAP’s 2014 Annual Conference in Denver!

We enjoyed being with you.

July 22, 2014 – Pre-Conference Events
July 23-24 – Main 2-Day Conference
Hotel and Hospitality Learning Center
Metropolitan State University of Denver

Who Should Attend?

All educators: any level of administration – provosts, deans, directors, academic advisors; full- and part-time faculty; and, anyone wanting to start an accelerated learning program or enhance or grow an existing accelerated program.

Why Attend?

Accelerated programs have been considered innovative and student-responsive since their initial entrance into higher education. As professionals working in these dynamic programs, we are continually being asked to do more work with fewer resources.  This concept is not new to many institutions and we are continually looking for better, more effective ways to reach potential students, respond to the changing demands of our environment, and engage adult learners. Given the changing landscape in higher education, what is next for accelerated programs? What will be THE NEW FACE OF ACCELERATED LEARNING?

This year’s CAP Conference will take a fresh look at the future potential for our adult-focused accelerated programs.  As programs accustomed to innovation and continuous improvement and change, we will come together this year and discuss how our programs need to evolve in today’s world to meet the changes and challenges swirling all around us.  Some topics that will be addressed include:

  • Ask the Experts:  What Future Trends will impact Accelerated Programs?
  • Competency-Based Programs
  • Online & Blended Accelerated Learning Programs
  • Veteran Degree Completion Programs
  • Best Practices in Advising today’s Adult Learner
  • College Partnerships
  • Using Data to Market your Accelerated Program
  • Student Preparedness in Accelerated Programs
  • State Authorization/Accreditation & Federal Regulations
  • Online Student Engagement
  • Diverse Learning Styles
  • Faculty Development in Accelerated Programs
  • Publishing Your Best Practices and Research
  • Student Survey Results – what do we know now?

Please join us for a Pre-Conference Event on July 22nd!  There are several exciting events to choose from:

  • Accelerated Programs 101
  • What’s So Relational in today’s Adult Relational Market?
  • Preparing Students for Courses and Programs offered in Alternative Formats
  • Online Human Touch: Fostering Online Student Engagement from Application to Graduation and Beyond
  • Faculty Development:  Building a Self-Sustaining Model
  • Dealing with Difficult Students:  When it’s attitude not academics
  • State Authorization/Accreditation & Federal Regulations


Opening Keynote

Into the Storm: Educating Adult Learners during Challenging Times for Higher Education

Dr. Wayne Smutz, Dean of Continuing Education and UCLA Extension at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

The world of postsecondary education is undergoing dramatic change—from learning to organizational structures to business models.  We are most likely only on the brink of change that will alter the higher education landscape forever.  What are the signs of change?  What issues should be attended to?  What role will accelerated learning play in an unclear future?  What kind of value will be expected from higher education in the years ahead?  How can we creatively respond in ways that most benefit adult learners?  Dr. Smutz will offer perspectives and insights into the unclear future with a particular focus on serving adult students.

Panel Discussion

Leaders of Professional Organizations in Higher Education will discuss and answer questions about Trends and Themes in Higher Education that will directly affect Accelerated Programs and Adult Learning

Dr. Scott A. Campbell, Vice President for Higher Education, Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL)

Dr. Julie Uranis, Director of Distance Learning and Continuing & Professional Development, Division of Extended Learning and Outreach, Western Kentucky University, & 2014-2015 Chairperson of the Online Management and Design Network University, Professional and Continuing Education Association (UPCEA)

Dr. Brian Van Horn, Dean, Continuing Education, Murray State University, &President, Association for Continuing Higher Education (ACHE)

Dr. Cynthia Wilson, Vice President, Learning and Research, & Editor in Chief, League for Innovation in the Community College

Closing Plenary

Accelerated and Competency-Based Programs:  Implications for Bringing General Education (Liberal Studies) to Life
Dr. Alison Leigh Brown, Associate Vice president of Academic Affairs in Extended Campuses and Professor of Philosophy at Northern Arizona University

Competency-based programs lend themselves to accelerating learning; importantly together they reinforce deep learning of key concepts and skills through repetition in different contexts and disciplines. Once freed from traditional confinements of time, place, credit hour and course, interdisciplinary programing finds new and effective ways to flourish. Brown will use examples and results from Northern Arizona University’s Personalized Learning to show ways that CBE and acceleration unleash the power of interdisciplinary learning.

Workshop Sessions:

  • How to successfully move on ground accelerated degree program courses to a hybrid and/or online delivery
  • Brain-Based Learning
  • Publishing Your Best Practices and Research
  • Best Practices in Teaching Accelerated Courses
  • Creating College Partnerships
  • Are we more Alike or More Diverse: Learning Styles across the Generations


Member Non-Member
Any 2-hour Pre-Conference event $50.00 $75.00
Attending a full day of Pre-Conference events $175.00 $270.00
Pre-Conference – Accelerated Programs 101 $95.00 $149.00
2014 CAP Conference only $450.00 $750.00



Please contact Jeannie McCarron at 303-964-5253 or  jmccarro@regis.edu

About the CAP Network

In 2004, CAP was founded at Regis University with a start-up grant from the Lumina Foundation for education. The original founder and accelerated learning researcher, Raymond Wlodkowski, Ph.D., had a vision of creating a network of accelerated learning programs that could serve as a forum for collaboration, communication, and information sharing among its members to advance and advocate accelerated education worldwide. Today, that vision remains CAP’s primary focus.

CAP began as a Special Interest Group within the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL), and has flourished into its own member organization with a niche of service offerings that focus on accelerated programs and adult learners. Our founding institution, Regis University, continues to be a strong supporter and advocate of CAP by providing in-kind contributions that include office space, administrative overhead, and access to resources. We are also incredibly appreciative that Metro State University of Denver graciously provides complimentary meeting space, technology, and staffing resources to support our annual conferences. We are indebted to these organizations for their generosity and advocacy over the years.

Today, CAP continues to work closely with CAEL, as noted above, and is facilitating partnerships with the Association for Continuing Higher Education (ACHE) and other organizations in order to broaden its outreach and scope of services. We are excited about the many possibilities!

Tomorrow has much promise for this member organization that began small and had big dreams. We can now look back at the beginning and then look forward to the next year knowing that the higher education landscape has changed, but CAP’s mission and vision continue to be relevant and important to all who serve adult students.

CAP’S Goals

  • To organize and conduct conferences, workshops, regional meetings and webinars to share innovative policies, practices, and research relevant to accelerated programs;
  • To provide consulting services for members and non-members;
  • To develop and share resources, such as CAP’s Model for Good Practice in Accelerated Programs in Higher Education, that will assist accelerated programs with the quality of delivery of courses and programs;
  • To advocate for accelerated learning as an effective method of educational delivery for adult learners;
  • To maintain a website, distribute a newsletter, maintain a database dedicated to sharing research, best practices  and information about accelerated learning and programs in higher education;
  • To provide opportunities for member collaboration and information-sharing;
  • To organize faculty & staff development opportunities that address the unique needs of nontraditional and adult students in accelerated programs;
  • To expand the membership base and extend outreach to ensure broad representation in accelerated learning;
  • To collaborate with accelerated programs to conduct research on accelerated learning and offer best practices;
  •  To develop strategies to ensure a self-sustaining organization; and,
  • To maintain an infrastructure to support the organizational mission and goals.

Join CAP

CAP exists to provide access to higher learning to underserved learner populations and is an advocate for accelerated and alternative formats to education. Join today and gain access to a powerful network of motivated professionals united in this mission.